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Candidate FAQs

Some tips to prepare for your job interview

How to do a video interview

We know how daunting it can be when you're trying to apply for a role.
To make it easier for candidates to prepare, we've created this little video with some tips on how to make the whole process easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge you on one answer. Just move to the next question!

No. Once you feel that you have given the answer you would like to give, move to the next question. We don’t judge on time.

Most certainly not! At Compass Group, we pride ourselves on diversity and our teams are from all parts of the world. We encourage EVERYONE to apply.

This will be discussed with you during the recruitment process and will be in line with the specific role you are applying for.

Yes, many candidates do the interview on their phone!

Candidates will be reviewed and those qualified will be contacted by phone or email regarding the status of their application. If unsuccessful, you will also be advised via email.

There are a few steps in our process, so it can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on the role that you applied for. You can help the process by returning the requested documents quickly, advising your referees we will be calling, and booking first available appointments. The usual time is roughly between 5-7 business days.

There are handful of steps in our process. Depending on the role you applied for you may be required to complete a pre-employment medical or we may need to engage third parties for things such as security clearances that can slow up the process. For specialist roles such as Chefs, or senior positions such as Supervisor or above we may require you to complete an additional interview or assessment.

Many people apply for more than one job with Compass Group. If you have applied for a role with us, we endeavour to narrow the options to the ones we think are best suited for you and have you in contact with just one recruiter. If you are unsuccessful through the process, we advise to re-apply after a period of three months. A no is not a no forever; just a no for now.

Please still apply for the role you are interested in. Without knowing the history, we cannot advise. Not all offenses are equal.

You are applying for a professional role, therefore we require a professional reference to advise on your work ethic and work history. Your referee can be a current or previous Team Leader/ Supervisor/ Employer.

We request that all effort is taken to find a work referee that is a current or previous Team Leader/Supervisor/Employer. This is an important part of your application. If you have not been employed previously, then your current teacher/lecturer/professor will be acceptable.

We accept pictures of your supporting documents (e.g. drivers license, permits etc), but make sure the photos are not blurry and your details can be read clearly.

For offshore and remote:

For some locations and work types our employees are required to have a current driver licence. Often the role requires you to use a vehicle or part of the safety procedures require you to be able to use a vehicle. There are a few exceptions, and this can be discussed with your recruiter. If a licence is required, it will be stated on the job advert.

This is 2 weeks on and 1 week off. You fly/drive or catch a bus to site and work 14 days consecutively on site and then enjoy 7 days rostered off!

Our casual staff will usually work a full swing 2:1 roster. Our casual staff are filling the gaps for the full-time staff that are taking annual leave or when extra staff are required on site. The hours/shifts/swings are set by the site to cover their needs and are not adjustable. There are some exceptions to a full time roster – again as required by the specific site that is making the request.

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