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Hiring Manager Essentials - "A License to Recruit"

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We are excited to have you join us as an attendee at our "Hiring Managers Essentials - A Licence to Recruit" virtual training workshop. As part of the course pre-requisites, we invite you to experience what it's like to apply for a role with Compass Group as a candidate.

Step 1 - Apply online using a valid email address. When requested to upload a resume, you can upload a blank document. Once you've completed the online application form it its entirety, select 'submit'. This step should take approximately 5 mins.

Step 2 - You will automatically receive an invitation to your email requesting you to complete an online behavioural attributes assessment. This assessment is mandatory to applicants across our frontline roles. This multiple choice assessment takes approximately 10 mins to complete

Step 3 - Once your online testing results have been reviewed by the course facilitator, you will be send a second questionnaire to your email address. This questionnaire is our Pre-Placement questionnaire - this questionnaire is focussed on health, safety and well-being. Completion of this assessment takes approximately 5 mins.

Step 4 - Once your results for the Pre-Placement questionnaire have been received, you will receive an email invitation from Sonru requesting you to partake in an online video interview as part of your application. This step in the process takes approximately 15 mins. Once finalised, your online video submission will be reviewed and assessed by our recruitment team.

Enjoy, be sure to take notes - there will be a quiz!


Recruitment Team @ Compass Group Australia


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